Local Court of Aachen / Germany orders to continue self-administration

Aachen, July 1, 2020 – Today, the Local Court of Aachen opened insolvency proceedings under self-administration on the assets of the electric car manufacturer e.GO Mobile AG located in Aachen. The current executive board, complemented by the fully authorized representative, Dr. Paul Fink from the law firm FRH specializing in restructuring and insolvency law, will remain responsible for operations. The Court appointed Dr. Biner Bähr, partner at White & Case law firm, as insolvency trustee.

The Local Court of Aachen ordered self-administered insolvency proceedings as advocated. At the beginning of April this year, the company filed an application for provisional insolvency procedures under self-administration.

The company is continuing discussions with potential investors. "In recent months, we have held many promising talks with both national and international investors. Therefore, we are confident that, with a little more time, we will find a good solution", says Prof. Günther Schuh, CEO of e.GO Mobile AG.

To preserve the insolvency assets, e.GO Mobile will pause production and all development activities for the month of July. For this reason, short-time working regulations will immediately come into effect for the employees concerned. The sale of already produced e.GO Life vehicles as well as test drives will be continued to the full extent. Customer service and after sales services will also be available as usual.

"The interest in the e.GO Life is still very high", explains Prof. Günther Schuh. "We will continue to work with full commitment as to shape the mobility of the future."


e.GO Mobile AG
e.GO Mobile AG was founded in 2015 as a manufacturer of electric vehicles by Prof. Dr. Gün-ther Schuh. The approx. 450 employees work in highly agile teams on a variety of cost-effective and particularly durable electric vehicles for short-haul traffic. They use the unique network of research facilities and more than 400 technology companies on the RWTH Aachen Campus site. Since 2018, the company has been developing and producing the electric car e.GO Life in the industrial area Rothe Erde in Aachen.



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